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Modern architecture of HARMONEYsw platform brings an unbeatable functional flexibility and computing performance into the collective management of neighbouring rights of producers, performers and authors of audio and audio-visual recordings.


HARMONEYsw is very user friendly, easy to use and the set of trainings and user manuals efficiently shortens the learning curve for your new team members. You do not need anyone else to run distributions for you. 


HARMONEYsw can integrate onto your system portfolio - i.e. if you wish to use your own usage matching component, or your own input data validator, we quickly assess them and find ways to integrate them.   

HARMONEYinteractive - Portal for the Represented

Provide your represented performers, producers, or agents with the most modern digital experience. Reward them with an exceptional online insights.


  • Producers, Performers, Agents,
  • Registered recordings overview,
  • Review and analysis of remuneration, 
  • Recordings registration,
  • Earnings analysis with indication of the top recordings or channels for a given user, 
  • Usage numbers both as summary as well as detailed report allowing for a drill-down to a single song usage and remuneration,
  • In-site notifications channel, for personal or global public messages,
  • Submitions of any electronic inputs and reporting the status of their processing,
  • Votings on various topics you need to decide collectively,
  • Back-office CMO user gets the same Portal screen view as the represented person and can discuss online whatever is needed,
  • Integration with backoffice system to refresh the data as needed,
  • Secure login, username, password, or even a delegated authentication to a a reliable authority (OpenID - e.g. BankID), 
  • Accessing for assistants or agents on behalf of the Performes they represent.

With the HARMONEY INTERACTIVE Portal, your organization gets reborn into a digital world.

HARMONEYsw Advanced Repertoire Management

Maintain and grow your "family gold", i.e. recordings information, here . Keep the value you have created over the years. HARMONEYsw can accept data from your legacy system(s) and can efficiently assist you even with its cleaning.

With Advanced Repertoire Management you can also improve your organization, by appointing an internal repertoire manager responsible for the quality of recordings information and make his/her life easier with this great tool. As a side effect, get your data in a great shape to enrich the VRDB, too. 

Content and features of the Repertoire database:

  • Catalogue of audio and audiovisual recordings,
  • Features helping you to enrich and improve your data quality over time.
  • Each database record representing a recording includes a quality score.
  • The record quality score can serve as one of control parameters for usage matching, data enrichment and distribution of royalties.
  • Covers all relevant information attributes such ISRC, title, year, duration, original producers/labels, authors, performers, their roles and shares (supporting individuals as well as ensembles), multiple data record IDs (new system, legacy system, common international register, etc.)
  • Recording title supports multiple language versions,
  • Current producer rights holders, their history, and duplicity claims detection,
  • All persons in the recordings DB are referenced and linked to Rightsholders DB that maintains all person related information like names, pseudonymes, addresses, bank acounts, roles, but also heirs, and alike.
  • Copyright protection duration handling,
  • Business rules for handling unreported or unknown producers or performers,

Data quality management:

  • Business rules for continuous enrichment of content, i.e. integration of data from different sources like playlists, catalogues from producers, ISRC protocols, IPD, etc.
  • Repertoire DB can handle multiple input sources of different quality, different level of data reliability and of your trust and integrate them into a resulting "golden data record".   
  • Information reliability score per source (application user in a specific role, playlist, producer catalogue, etc.) is configurable on the level of individual attributes and can be changed over time,
  • Internal data quality management assisting users to identify duplicities and eliminate them,
  • Reporting of quality for each input data source file enables you to provide an exact quality feedback to your data providers (e.g. broadcasters, producers and alike).

HARMONEYsw Party management

Order and clarity in persons-related data as well as linking between persons and recordings is a core for any distribution system. Have all persons types, their roles, contact information, banking information, contract information and relations between persons (heir, ensemble head, representation by external CMO/agency, etc.) realiably managed by the HARMONEYsw party management feature.

  • Physical and legal persons,
  • Roles, including heirs, ensebmle heads, etc.
  • Multiple contacts sets based on purposes,
  • Single party definition and multiple roles per party (e.g. performer/producer),
  • Integration with IPD.

HARMONEYsw 360 degree Persons view

See all person-related information in one place. This includes key demografic data, addresses, bank details, contracts, relations to other persons or ensambles, contracts, representation by CMOs, created or co-created recordings, producer or performer rights, distribution results, account overview -  all of that is nicely organized and easily reported.

HARMONEYsw Usage Matching Engine

Advanced algorithms deliver very precise matching (over 98%) and minimize the creation of duplicities while showing very fast performance without the need for any extraordinary and expensive hardware,  

  • Smart usage recognition, measurement, and matching against the catalogue of recordings,
  • Matching of Performers, Recordings, Producers, Labels, from external inpts (playlists, catalogues, etc.) with your items in the Repertoire database to ensure that new recordings are linked to correct artists and producers,
  • Advanced matching algorithms ensure that a perfect match of wording/typing of the names is not needed. Even a partial name of a recording is correctly matched.
  • Matching results can be confirmed/altered by users,
  • Configurable matching rules,
  • Automatic learning from performed matches as well as de-learning, and re-learning,

HARMONEYsw Distribution Engine

Assign collections to usage and distribute it among rightsholders. Run it even several times and close just the run with which you are satisfied. Be able to provide a detailed insight into individual rightsholder's remuneration on the level of recordings and their individual cases of use. 

  • Local distribution rules supported,
  • Distribution rules can handle:
    • multiple performance categories,
    • radio/TV broadcasters, theatres, public performances, in-stores, etc.
    • producers and performers specifics,
    • even non-usage-related incomes like dubbing contracts etc. as possible distribution parameters,
    • complex structures of represented rights and exceptions,
    • usage time-of-the-day rates,
    • distribution parameters are adjustable per distribution run,
    • Distribution of ensemble remuneration based on ensemble head's yearly specific instruction, set rule, or leaving it at ensemble head account for a consolidated payout.
  • Distribution run at any time the inputs are ready,
  • What-if analyses ensuring that multiple trial distributions can be run with different parameters before a final one is confirmed,
  • Drill down within the remuneration result of a selected artist to individual recordings,
  • Financial integrity checks,
  • Individual account balance reports,
  • Insourcing remuneration distribution process from 3rd parties (i.e. execute it for a TV or radio broadcaster, in case they would normally perform a simmilar process. Now you will be able to do it for them with your HARMONEYsw platform),

HARMONEYsw Accounts management

Get a financial integrity between collections (from broadcasters and other users) and final distributed remuneration and its potential reallocation to heirs, CMOs, agencies, or even distrainers/executors. Get detailed account ballance reports data for yearly distribution.

  • Manage accounts for any represented person and person type,
  • Manage technical accounts,
  • Use multiple reserves types as your processes require,
  • 1 or multiple account types per person to differentate classes of revenue,
  • Account ballance reports,
  • Automated payouts and exclusions from automated payouts,
  • Heirs, agencies, and other substituting receivers of remuneration,
  • Distraints handling,
  • Automated and manual transfers between accounts,
  • Individual financial awards, or claims handling,
  • Banking acounts administration,
  • Integration with financial ERP (accounting),
  • Data preparation for money transfer orders, EU and non-EU transfers supported,
  • Payment success/failure tracking,
  • Processing of remuneration from other CMOs.

HARMONEYsw BI, reporting

  • Rich reporting capabilities of the user interface,
  • Universal reporting screens with filters,
  • Personalized filters for each user,
  • Option to export results of filters or reports,
  • Built-in reporting platform for advanced reporting needs,
  • Data model description for reporting purposes,

HARMONEYsw contract management

  • Contracts administration – individual, via agency, by other CMOs
  • Represented rights structures including exceptions,
  • Contract durations.

 HARMONEYsw  User Experience

  • Customizable user interface,
  • Highly ergnomic design,
  • Hot-keys (shortcut keys) supported, mouse movements limitted,
  • Color schemas, font size, flexible layout of GUI items throughout the screens,
  • Responsive design,
  • Users work on common data – user data enteries are visible to the whole team instantly,
  • Processing of batches is very fast, users see the state of the running process and its result,
  • Historical data mainained for complaints handling.

HARMONEYsw Integration

  • Input formats: advanced data mappings (any defined format is supported)
  • Output formats: advanced data mappings (any defined format is supported)
  • On-line or batch integration (file exchange, web Services, REST API)
  • Integration supports interactions with web search, legal persons registers, recording registers, address registers, SDEG files, IPD, VRDB, etc.

HARMONEYsw  Security

  • User management, user roles,
  • Password policy in place,
  • Sensitive data is encrypted, 
  • Connection to servers is via an ecrypted communication channel,
  • User audit trails are kept,
  • Production data backups,
  • Software security is proven by penetration testing,
  • GDPR requirements are supported,
  • Fail-safe server infrastructure.

HARMONEYsw  Infrastructure deployment model

  • Cloud or on-site based,
  • The leading clouds located in EU are supported,
  • Fail-safe, securty-patched OS, firewall-protected,
  • Users connect either only from their internal company network or from public internet via a secure connection,
  • Local installation at client premisses supported as well,
  • No installations at user workstations, laptops or tablets,
  • VPN connection to client premisses for technical vendor support recomended.


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